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Nov 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
tonight, chris van de graaff joins us with his forecast for shopping. >> you will have to bundle up. take a look at the forecast from the belfort furniture weather center. light.ds are fairly with that breeze, that has really allow those temperatures to drop into the teens and 20's later on tonight. manassas. 31 right now in lexington park. 28 in frederick. as we head through the region -- cold numbers areawide. those temperatures really start to dip back through the evening. that cooler air will still be here and it will be a cool evening under a moonlit sky. we will talk about the forecast for the rest of the week and the weekend coming up in a few minutes. right. thanksgiving is a working holiday for people trying to fix the problems with workers tied to that website face of frantic worry eight hours. our political reporter is live in the newsroom. scott, what do we have? this is a self- imposed deadline, one of the white house set as a goal. a couple weeks ago they scaled back expectations a bit but you can only imagine behind the scenes there is not an abundance of ho
Nov 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
that ended with a woman was shot to death outside the u.s. capitol. >> as many as 30 people are believed dead after an overloaded freighter capsized off the coast of the bahamas. guard arrived, they found haitian migrants clinging to the whole of the ship. over 100 people had fallen into the water. for the is a new call justice department to investigate the shooting of a woman outside the u.s. capitol and october. the attorney representing miriam that theamily thanks deputies who shot her mishandled the encounter. car intoied to ram her the white house barrier. records show that she suffered from delusions. radel will stay in office despite calls for him to step down. of cocaineicted possession. the republican party suggested he step down. he was busted by an upper -- undercover cops are -- officer last month. >> a warning tonight that thieves may be trying to use your fire escape against you. >> burglars are using the escapes to break into people's homes. one woman found an intruder in her home. >> you hear about it but don't expect it to happen especially when you're home. >> this 31-year-o
Nov 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
resources online. liking us on facebook or by downloading our storm watch weather app. >> if you're planning to rent a car here in the area over the thing skimming holiday, get ready to spend a lot more money than usual. aaa says car rental rates are up i-40%. local reports -- at locations.d if you're looking for discount, go to the independent dealers instead of the big national chains. >> we learn to the obama administration has delayed another key portion of the affordable care act. the way small businesses provide coverage to their employees. political reporter is here to explain. upthey can still sign through a broker or insurer. the online option is being put off for year. they cannot as easily compare plans or shop around. it is another setback. president obama was the stowing his blessing upon it rubble of thanks giving turkeys today. >> i will give them right -- give them a break. >> he is looking for a break these days. three more before the self- imposed deadline for working website. there is some good news. the interest in signing up is notable when looking at well -- how well th
Nov 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
, things could have been much worse." she went on to thank u.s. capitol police and the metropolitan police department for their assistance. we did speak with u.s. capitol police and they say they have been no -- there have been no arrests at this time. back to you. quick thank you. atf officer and a p.e. teacher are dead. they were found inside their home on point pleasant drive at 5 a.m. this morning. police are saying only that the deaths are a result of a domestic situation. two teenage daughters were at the home at not heard. vote could come to change the way in which the military deals with sexual assault. a comes after a day of tense debate that is dividing even strong allies. rebecca cooper is in the newsroom with the latest. >> president obama has not weighed in but other top democrats have and they are sharply divided. harry reid supports the bill. the senate armed services committee chairman carl levin strongly opposes it. today as the debate laid out on the senate for, we talked to a victim who fought back and is teaming up with senate advocates to try to change the system. the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4